Recently relaunched in 2016, Battlestations is a blog about Retrocomputing, Algorithms and Educating kids about programming. Basically all the things I'm passionate about.

The idea of a blog came to me when I started answering questions about Double Hi-Res, an obscure graphics mode on Apple II computers. I was doing this via various forums posts, blogs comments and through direct emails with enthusiasts. As I did so I started to generate more and more documentation and I started wondering if there was a better place to put all of this. I also like to edit iteratively – start with broad strokes and then rework until I have a usable product. Posting on forums proved frustrating as many had time limits for submitting edits.

The result was my, now nine-part series on double hi-res graphics.

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Apple II - Double Hi-Res From The Ground Up<br \>Part 9: API and a demo!

A better interface Perhaps you've noticed that all these drawing routines we've developed require a fair amount of memory to do an...